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  • Helps relieve the sensation of tired legs
  • Helps relieve the sensation of swelling, tingling and heaviness
  • Clinically proven formula for CVI
  • Naturally sourced ingredients only

The sensation of heavy, tired and tingly legs can sometimes happen during long-term inactivity (sitting, standing), but it can also come from an improper venous blood flow in our legs. This condition is called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), and  where the veins that circulate blood back to the heart are not working effectively.

Numerous studies found that pine bark and grape seed extract help reduce symptoms of non-complicated CVI. Active Legs Strong combines these 2 plant extracts, rich in polyphenolic proanthocyanidin and anthocyanidin, at the studied amounts to help relieve these CVI associated feelings of swollen, heavy and painful legs.


Grape seed extract (Vinis vinifera L.)
   80% oligomeric proanthocyanidins
300 mgMaritime pine bark (Pinus pinaster L.)
   95% Proanthocyanidins
300 mgMagnesium (Magnesium oxide)100 mg

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