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Garlic is great, but Allimax is better !

The ultimate garlic supplement - Allimax actually is Allicin.

Helps defend against microbial attack

Helps relieve upper respiratory tract infections

Helps defend against soil-borne microorganisms

Allimax is the result of a patented process and is the first garlic supplement to contain real, bioactive, stabilized allicin.

Other garlic supplements don't contain ANY Allicin. They rely on you to generate allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule.

Allimax actually is Allicin. Instead of you generating your own Allicin, Allimax dissolves in your stomach for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

Allimax’s concentrated Allicin far exceeds what you get from garlic supplements, oils or raw

Garlic is great, but Allimax is better !

Garlic is great for you! Seventeen amino acids, at least 33 sulphur compounds, eight minerals (germanium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc) and the vitamins A, B and C. But garlic itself contains no allicin, the powerful anti-microbial compound found in Allimax. Garlic makes allicin only once its structure is ruptured and the two compounds alliin and allinase come into contact to form allicin which attacks the cell walls of soil borne micro-organisms.

Only Allimax contains bioactive, stabilized Allicin

Allicin is garlic’s defence against microbial attack. But it's only created in garlic when it is cut or crushed. Though a powerful anti-microbial, it quickly degrades in nature. Allimax has found a way to stabilize bioactive Allicin and deliver it to you in convenient vegan capsules.

Does not contain:  Gluten, Soy, GMO, Sulphites, Nuts, Corn, Peanuts


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