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Iron deficiency affects approximately 12% to 64% of Canadians (according to Statistic Canada). And it is often seen in those of childbearing years due to an increased menstrual flow. The lack of iron in our bodies can become serious if symptoms persist. Symptoms to look out for include weakness, extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, constant lightheadedness, and even if you tend to bruise easily.

But, there are ways to combat and lessen these symptoms. Smart Solutions Ironsmart Capsules can help increase absorption of iron, help prevent iron deficiency anemia, help to maintain energy, and assist in the proper function of red blood cells. These vegan-friendly capsules are gentle and are a low dose, which means no upset tummies here. They are also plant-based and gluten-free. All you need to do to reap the benefits of these iron capsules is to take one daily with food. Enhance your life the right way, the Smart Solutions way.

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