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As we age, we lose muscle and increase fat. L-Glutamine can help prevent that! L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is most popular with fitness buffs and athletes because it increases strength and stamina during strenuous workouts that deplete plasma glutamine levels. Research shows that supplementing with L-glutamine can minimize muscle breakdown while improving muscle growth and recovery.*

It is also a key amino acid for digestive health, brain function, optimal immunity and blood sugar balance. Athletes and exercisers especially appreciate its role in increasing natural growth hormone and muscle growth, supporting recovery, burning fat, sustaining mental focus and supporting immunity and healing.* Prairie Naturals uses only 100% pharmaceutical grade, micronized L-Glutamine.


  • May prevent muscle breakdown & promotes muscle growth*
  • A major fuel & energy source for the entire body
  • The most abundant amino acid in the body
  • Powerful muscle-building supplement*

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