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The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Most oil of oregano formulas are too strong for the average person. Even hardcore health food fantatics are scared of the coughing, gagging burning effect of 99.9% of today’s formulas.

If you like the idea of getting all the benefits of Oregano Oil with no lack of joy then you’ll love Smooth Oregano™. We made it with you in mind.

Smooth Oregano™ was developed by herbalist and classically trained chef Stephen Case.

Born the son of an ambulance attendant, Stephen has always had a soft spot for the sick and suffering like his father. It came as no surprise then when his passion for creating recipes led him from the kitchen to a herbal laboratory.

As an oregano expert discouraged by a lack of effective and pleasant tasting oregano formulas on the market he decided to fix that problem with Smooth Oregano™. 

In a recent radio interview he explained the taste profile and how pleasant and easy it is to take. “It is smooth, effectively spiced and pleasantly sweet with glycerin and natural spearmint. It can be taken straight or even diluted in hot or cold water, which is something other formulas cannot do. Their oils just sit on top of the water and create the same unpleasant results. Just add a few droppers of Smooth Oregano™ to a bottle of water and enjoy the tasty effects throughout the day.”

The story behind the formula

“My approach was to start with the purest and smoothest oregano oil available,” Stephen says. “The exact herb we use is known as Origanum onites and it comes from the Taurus Mountains located near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This wild mountain oregano is hand-picked by the local villagers and packed down the mountain with the help of their Anatolian donkeys, some of the only creatures able to navigate this rocky terrain. It is then carefully distilled by one of their own. A man named  Mr Abdullah, now in his 50’s who began hand harvesting oregano at the age of 15 and was later encouraged by a friend to begin distilling. He is recognized as one of the most reputable suppliers in the world, providing only the finest oils tested for purity and strength. Mr Abdullah and his family team distill the Origanum onites oregano oil exclusively for Smooth Oregano™ in North America.

Ingredient List: Wild Mountain Oregano 73-82% Carvacrol

Medicinal Ingredients: Origanum onites leaf essential oil

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin, ethanol, water, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, natural spearmint flavour.

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