Products & Pricing

The majority of our in-store stock is available for purchase on-line. There may be times when seasonal or sale items that we do not regularly carry are only available in store.

Yes, our in-store and online pricing are linked. However there may be rare occasions when we feature 'in-store only' or 'online only' promotional pricing.

You must return refundable glass bottles and jars to our physical store. At this time we are unable to handle bottle returns via online curbside pickup or delivery orders.

PLEASE NOTE: We accept ONLY bottles and jars from brands we currently sell:
Harmony Organic
Hewitt's Dairy
Hope-Eco Farms
EB Manor

Bottles and jars must be returned rinsed and clean.

How To's

Your best bet is to use the Search Bar above and type in the brand name plus a word or two within the product description (eg, "naka vital greens" or "black river tart cherry"). You can also search "cherry juice" and then filter by brand once the results come up. Finally, shop by our department menus and sub-menus to see all products within a category.

The bulk items listed are sold online in increments of 100g. Simply increase the Quantity to increase the amount you are purchasing (eg, Quantity of 6 = 600g).

For your reference:

100g is about 1/4 pound

500g is a bit more than 1 pound

900g is about 2 pounds

10 x 100g = 1Kg

If you create a store account and then place an order, you will then be able to see past orders when you login again. While you can't duplicate full orders at once, you can click on each item from a past order, press 'Add to cart', click 'back' in your browser and repeat the process to build a new cart.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery

Orders placed before 2pm are generally ready for pickup the same day. Orders placed after 2pm are likely to be available the next business day.

Please DO NOT come to pick up an order before you have been sent a notification that it is ready.

Delivery is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, with a delivery time between 4 and 6pm as long as your order is in by 2pm. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times, but will do our best to address your requests.

No. Currently we are only offering local curbside pickup or local delivery options. We are looking at the possibility of shipping certain dry goods and supplements sometime in the future.

Returns & Exchanges

We will gladly accept product returns for items purchased on our online store according to our Returns Policy.

If you are unable to visit or enter our store, please contact us by email with the details of your situation and we will work with you to find a solution.

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