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100 % pure aqueous iodine oral spray.

Kids need 110 microgrames of iodine every day to achieve their RDA. They also need iodine to help with their immune system and metabolism development. Desiged for kids 12 and younger, Ionovo iodine for kids is

Kit Includes:

  • 4oz Ionovo Iodine for kids solution
  • 1oz oral spray applicator (empty)
  • 30ml measuring cup 

With 18 sprays per day, this product is perfect for active children who frequently visite daycares, preschools, schools and sporting events. 

Dosage: 1 year - 8 years: 15 sprays per day. 9 years - 13 years: 20 sprays per day. 14 years and older: 25 sprays per day.


USP grade iodine and distilled water

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