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TIME TO FEEL BETTER ] Using our Prebiotic Supplement is a great way to improve the health of your digestive system. Are you looking for a simple solution for better gut health & low energy levels? Then a prebiotic is what you need! Add a prebiotic into your diet & you will gain positive health changes. A healthy gut contributes to More Energy. Start using MSPrebiotic today to feel better physically & mentally!

[ PREBIOTICS FEED PROBIOTICS ] Our Prebiotic acts as superfood for the healthy bacteria in your gut. The healthy bacteria then goes on to produce ‘post-biotics’ (or beneficial compounds) that provide a huge impact on making your gut healthier. Post-biotics provide our gut wall the energy it needs to stay healthy. Defend against bad bacteria or immune-activating compounds

[ NO MORE PILL FATIGUE ] Say goodbye to large prebiotic & probiotic fiber capsules & pills that are hard to swallow and don't even have a sufficient amount of prebiotic compound in them to benefit your digestive system. With our MSPrebiotic powder you will be able to enjoy the proper required amount of prebiotics in one little scoop that can be added to almost anything. You would need to take around 15 large Prebiotic pills to get the same benefit one scoop of our MSPrebiotic powder provides.

[DIGESTION RESISTANT STARCH] A simple ingredient that is now the unsuspecting king of digestive supplements. Resistant Starch is an extremely important ingredient in a healthy diet. It is not being found in today's foods due to the pressurizing and heating up of the resistance starch. This eliminates all it's benefits of cleaning out your gut and giving you energy. MSPrebiotic is Approved as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada and is Fodmap friendly. Made with Natural Food Grade Potatoes.

[ KEY TO THE GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION & DIGESTIVE HEALTH ] When healthy detox bacteria in your gut are fed with prebiotics, they make many different compounds of microbes that affect your brain in a positive way. Serotonin, which contributes to feelings of happiness is largely produced by these healthy microbes found in your gut.

Ingredient:  Solnul™ (Solanum Tuberosum Extract)

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