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Cannanda's new CB2 Salve is a variant of their original concentrated CB2 Wellness Blend designed for topical use. With no harmful or psychoactive ingredients, it's safe for all skin types or ages, and is completely legal to purchase in Canada, with no prescription needed.

CB2 Salve is a high potency terpene blend, with the equivalent of 2 ml (half a bottle) of their multiple award-winning CB2 Wellness Blend going into each tin, suspended in a base of organic shea butter, peppermint essential oil, and carnauba wax, to help it all absorb into the skin better when applied topically, (rather than have it much of that primary therapeutic ingredient simply evaporate away as soon as it touches the warmth of your skin, as essential oils are wont to do).

Despite its packaging and name, this CB2 Salve is not made from and does not contain any cannabis products (including CBD), however. Rather, it contains a blend of concentrated terpenes like the ones found in marijuana, except sourced from other plants, including at least one (Caryophyllene) able to activate the CB2 receptor of our bodies' endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can decrease inflammatory cell activation and thereby alleviate the pain associated with that inflammation. Caryophyllene also has anti-fungal properties capable of destroying the fungi known as dermatophytes which can cause the various infections of the skin, hair, and nails known as ringworm.

CB2 Salve Ingredients:

Organic Shea butter*, CB2 terpene blend (for 13.3% of the total volume), organic peppermint oil, and organic carnauba wax.

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