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Did you know that in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise, consuming MCT Oil can support weight management? It's true, using Nutiva Organic MCT Oil may give you the extra push you need. Nutiva MCT Oil is an organic oil concentrated with medium-chain triglycerides, capric acid, and caprylic acid found in coconuts. This MCT Oil is chemical-free and has a sweet coconut flavour without a harsh aftertaste. The MCT oil can help provide energy and boost your metabolism. Nutiva's keto and paleo-friendly MCT oil is unlike any other as it has a higher concentration of MCTs per serving and is free of gluten, grains, dairy, animal products and is AIP friendly and kosher. Add it to coffee, smoothies and shakes and feel the difference that this oil can make!


Organic modified coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides).

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