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YES, it's TRUE! Giddy Yo now offers DECAF BEANS! Same jitter-free smooth low acid experience you’ve come to love, just without all the caffeine. Try mixing our regular beans with decaf beans for a reduced caffeine cuppa joe (cuppa JOY :), or enjoy straight up decaf.

GY coffee is good; our clean decaf fairly traded beans are fully washed, sun dried & air-roasted Arabica beans. The caffeine is extracted using water and coffee solubles and NOT chemicals! We go further and test for the common coffee mycotoxins, harmful bacteria, mold and fungi to ensure our beans are clean.

Why do we go to such lengths to ensure our goods are clean? Because contaminants aren’t cool and it’s the right thing to do. Your wellness is important.

Our mellow water process DECAF is a medium roast with tasting notes of green apple and milk chocolate with low acidity. Mexico origin.

No regrets, no shakes, just a good clean cuppa’ java.  Embrace a mug of GY coffee to help conquer the day! 

How to brew a perfect coffee: Start with hot spring water (91-96 C is the ideal temp.).  Use 2 tablespoons ground coffee per 6 oz water. Grind beans just before brewing. Enjoy black or try something different by frothing your coffee in the blender with earthy spices, GY Maca, GY Vanilla, MCT oil, coconut oil, and sweetener, or not.  Adjust coffee, water, sweet & misc. additions as desired to find your perfect brew.  Share your coffee love with others.

Store beans in the original vented bag away from moisture, direct light and heat.

Ingredients:  Arabica decaffeinated coffee beans.

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